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This stunning canopic jar , with removable lid in the shape of Hapi , is made from cold cast resin and is hand finished in bright enamels in authentic

A canopic jar made of limestone with a lid in the form of the ape-headed god Hapy , who was one of the sons of the god Horus. He guarded the lungs of the

26 Feb 2003 Hapy ( Hapi ) was believed to be the protector of the lungs, along with the goddess Nephthys. The lungs were placed in the canopic jar ,

21 Oct 2009 Large Hapy Canopic Jar Reg. price: $40.00. SALE PRICE $ 36.00 . Large Canopic Jar - Hapy SUM5320 Add $17.00. Hapy

Canopic Jar of Hapi . Egyptian Museum, Cairo. 600 B.C.. Canopic Jars were in use from the Old Kingdom onwards in Egypt to store various internal organs

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