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Enjoy our collection of whip dream pie recipes submitted, reviewed and rated by Small curd cottage cheese 1 9 oz. tub Cool Whip 2 3 oz. pkgs. lime Jello

Blueberry Dream Pie . By: Audrey. "So delicious you don't know whether to . First of all, unless you're baking a 35" pie, ignore the Cool Whip content.

How to make Spiced Pumpkin Dream Pie . This dessert melts in your mouth. Gently spread the rest of the Cool Whip on top of the pumpkin.

Try Recipe Chocolate Dream Pie - 155553 from I did use low- fat milk, light cool - whip and reduced fat cream cheese (it's

CHOCOLATE DREAM WHIP PIE : Mix all ingredients together until thickened. Pour in ready made pie crust. Put a light layer of Cool Whip on top of pie .

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