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Graduation Cap Tassel Etiquette. We all know the scene. at which point you' ll symbolically transfer the tassle to the other side of the graduation cap .

1 Oct 2009 Graduates should arrive wearing cap and gown. Wear tassel on the front right side . Where can I buy a Cap and Gown? Prior to Graduation Ceremony : Caps and Gowns will be available in May from the Bookstore (Building 1300)

14 May 2009 What side do you wear your tassel on your graduation cap ? So i haven't graduated yet so when im walking up to receive my diploma what side

Michigan State University question: On what side of the graduation cap should the tassel hang? It varies depending on what the school says.

On which side of a graduation cap does the tassel hang before one graduates - trivia question /questions answer / answers.

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