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Sift together flour, bi carb soda and salt. Beat butter, sugar and eggs. Beat in melted chocolate and vanilla. Stir in 1/3 flour, ΒΌ sour cream , 1/3 flour,

Try Recipe Old Fashioned Sour Cream Fudge Cake - 87067 from This recipe has a 5.00 star rating and has been reviewed 1

Food Network invites you to try this Sour Cream Fudge Cake recipe.

For a show on comfort food on Emeril Live, we offered this simple cake for those days when you have the blues and feel down in the dumps, and only chocolate

Chocolate Sour Cream Fudge Cake : Try this Chocolate Sour Cream Fudge Cake recipe, or post your own recipe for Chocolate Sour Cream Fudge Cake .

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