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Cons: Rust spot after rust spot . Finish is mottled or discolored in most pieces. Cambridge Silversmiths Palm Tree 20-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 4

Question: I have rust spots forming on my stainless. What do I do? Avoid soaking stainless flatware in water for a prolonged period of time or overnight

16 Mar 2009 Stains or rust spots can be easily removed using a non-abrasive on 3/17/2009 Good tips to clean stainless steel silverware. on 3/16/2009

29 Aug 2006 I always set the dishwasher to dry with heat, use name brand You may be packing the silverware too close together so the air is not drying

I just purchased a set of stainless flatware 18/0. When I wash it in the dishwasher it gets little rust spots on them. Why is this happening and how can I

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